Grade 12 Accounting



10 Lessons

The support for the accounting syllabus complies with the CAPS and IIE syllabi. The support develops the skills to understand how to apply the knowledge to questions and present answers to obtain maximum marks.

The topics covered include:

  1. Transactions with shareholders (issue and buyback of shares, dividends, including disclosure in financial statements)
  2. Presentation and disclosure of financial statements(accounting for income tax, disclosure of inventory, non-current assets, receivables, etc.)
  3. Analysis and interpretation of financial statements (profitability, efficiency, liquidity, solvency, gearing, return on investment)
  4. Statement of cash flow (preparation and presentation, analysis of cash flow)
  5. Governance & internal (King code & corporate governance, internal control & ethics)
  6. Tangible assets (fixed asset register, acquisition, disposal, analysis)
  7. Budgeting (projected financial statements, cash budgets)
  8. Inventory systems (internal control, valuation methods, inventory losses)
  9. Cost accounting (cost classification, production cost statement, income statement)
  10. VAT (input & output tax, periodic submissions)