About Us

Who We Are

EduSoldiers was founded by educationists and individuals with expertise in learning and teaching, training and human capacity development. The collective expertise of these individuals is more than 200 years and complements each other in these fields.

EduSoldiers is progressive in its learning and development philosophy and is underpinned by continuous research in the field of education & training development. This enables the company to be agile and adaptive to changing environments and skills required but also, influences changes within the educational training sector.

This philosophy is underpinned by the founding principles of learning, unlearning and re-learning that promotes upskilling and reskilling to adapt to changing environments. We apply a learning approach that integrates teaching & learning methodologies with advances in technology and the competency requirements for academia and employment. 

We have progressed beyond online education to virtual learning, underpinned by collaborative and engaged learning. 

Founding Principles

EduSoldiers was established in recognition of the drastic changes in demands placed on education and training service providers to accommodate the disruptive changes in the world of work and business. The following founding principles are the cornerstone of the operations of the organisation:

a. Learning is an experience of personal growth & development

Learners are central to the learning & teaching process, undertaking a bespoke learning process that develops individuals through the self-selection of learning requirements catering to the unique developmental needs of each individual. The adoption of competency-based learning encompasses a student-centered approach that encourages divergent thinking in collaborative learning environments.

b. Focus is on the learning process rather than the knowledge content.

The emphasis is a divergent interpretation of facts within the context of the prevailing environment to develop the cognitive capacity of individuals and collectively, as groups. In a world where information is freely accessible and no longer a scarce commodity, having the skill to select the appropriate information and knowing how to use it is the key to success. 

Human Capital Developers

Saleem Kharwa

MCom, MTech, Professional Accountant (SA)

Zuhayr Dollie

BCom (Hons), Chartered Accountant (SA)

Ismail Mohamed

MPhil, Chartered Accountant (SA)

Shafiek Dollie

BCompt, HDE, Professional Accountant (SA)

Ebrahim Ally

BTech, Post Grad. Project Management

Unifying Purpose

The unifying purpose of EduSoldiers is to create and render learning opportunities for individuals that develop their potential through a process of human capital development using techniques and methodologies that suit their learning and development styles; that contribute to their person and professional growth, individual well-being, well-being of their families, communities and nation as well as the economy of the country.

Our Core Values

These are the core values of EduSoldiers

Good Governance



Mutual Respect

Our teaching methods focus on the learning experience rather than the teaching process.

Teaching Methods

We apply the following teaching methods: 

Action Learning

Field Exercise



Case Study

Peer to Peer


Team Exercise