Grade 11 Accounting



This course includes 10 lessons.

The support for the accounting syllabus complies with the CAPS and IIE syllabi. The support develops the skills to understand how to apply the knowledge to questions and present answers to obtain maximum marks.

The topics covered include:

  1. Reconciliations (bank, creditors’ and debtors’)
  2. Tangible assets (recording transactions for purchases, depreciation and disposals together with disclosure in financial statements)
  3. Partnerships (preparing the appropriation statement, income statement including accruals and prepayments, balance sheet including disclosure)
  4. Ratio analysis (calculation and interpretation of profitability, liquidity, solvency and return on investments)
  5. Clubs and NPO’s (recording transactions affecting Membership Fees, Entrance Fees, Refreshment Accounts, and Receipts and Payments statements)
  6. Manufacturing accounts (maintaining the manufacturing account, recording losses, calculation of profit margins)
  7. Cash budgeting (preparing a cash budget for creditors and debtors)
  8. Inventory systems (periodic and perpetual systems, accounting for purchases, sales and losses, preparing the trading statement)
  9. Value added tax (recording VAT for purchases, sales, bad debts, discounts, goods taken by owners)